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They offer a wide range of training products and services and it high quality. You can look thru their products and they offer some free training when you sign up for free.

Options Trading Course: Options Ironshell™

He did a good job on the webinar discussing a specific type of options strategy and I decided to look at their website. The only negative I have for it is the sales funnel they put you through requiring you to talk with a sales consultant about the products offered. Personally I felt that the whole sales interview process a turn off to me. They sent me the training materials that explains the options trading strategies they teach and I guess they have a unique spin on how to choose their picks?

You can review their blog posts to see they are focused on risk and teach about adjusting positions which is key to options income trading They like using an active options collar strategy.

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They seem to be okay but I would look further into it after my personal experience. In evaluating this I spoke to Options Animal in fall so maybe their sales process has changed since then or I just had a unique experience. I was referred to Jeffrey Ziegler in and he does a good job of really laying out the basics for credit spread trading. He is a retail trader and not a former wallstreet trader, so he lays things out well for someone totally new to spread trading and how to approach it.

His initial Spread Trading product was from and revolved around credit spreads with monthly options. If you apply this information in this course you should do well with credit spreads since you can follow a system. If you are brand new to options and trading this you will find the information well laid out and no fluff.

If you are experienced with options, then the technical setup for trading weeklies is useful. The training is all about bear call credit spreads and bull put credit spreads. He also goes into some chart reading patterns and basic setup. For someone totally new to options it is good and will keep you focused only on credit spreads which an options can investor can make a full-time living with.

I think he does a good job providing steps to follow and a system to stick to with credit spreads.

Options Trading for Beginners (The ULTIMATE In-Depth Guide)

If you decide to branch out to other options trading strategies then you can move onto other higher-end comprehensive options trading courses on the market after going through his course. I cancelled after learning the process. The money press strategy is buying calendar or diagonal call spreads on volatile bullish growth stocks which is fine until you have a down or volatile market. I might be worth trying to review his training material and see if the style if a fit for you but expect some wild swings in your portfolio following this method.

My Original Review from I kind of stumbled onto this course when I was first getting into learning more about weekly options. Preston James is the creator of Weekly Options Windfall and he is a successful independent options trader. I was pretty disappointed by the quality of information and some of the advice about expiration day pinning trades were easy way to lose a lot of money. I guess my problem is that the course is marketed towards beginners and first time options traders with unrealistic expectations.

Also, the support was lacking. I briefly mentioned this course in a past post that I wrote about weekly options. The options trading style taught in this course is more along the lines of what Dan Sheridan teaches see above in this this post with how to manage your positions by using the options Greeks.

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  8. If can be a little more advanced for new options investors trying to trade with the greeks, but the I still like the amount of information taught in this video course and the intricacies of options movement. I think this product is a good deal for the information provided when compared to most options training on the market. I am just mentioning this because I saw started mentioned in a few places recently.

    If anyone has tried it or used Trade Volume Index indicator, I would like to hear any feedback below. An options trading course that promotes showing to double your account in a 90day period. I did some research on it and decided to not purchase it. You can read my review about this program if interested.

    I received a lot of comments on that review from students after posting the review. In conclusion I only touched on a handful of the popular options training courses. There are definitely many more options trading courses and programs continually coming to market, so I can only share what I have looked at or tried.

    What to Do If You Buy An Options Trading Course and it Turns Out to Be One Big Scam...

    You can either try to figure out options on your own or purchase some training. There are many types of options training so it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out who to listen to. I am sure there are some good teachers or courses that I have missed so please leave a comment of any that you recommend as I would love to hear some feedback. PS — For Stock Trading courses, thought this one was decent and inexpensive for what was taught see my review. Hi Steven, course is closed right now so maybe they changed the link to their waiting page.

    I updated the link to go to their homepage. Is it for real, what is the catch? Mark t. Hi Mark, sorry about the delayed reply. It seemed the system was based on selling out of the money options to collect premium also the mention of selling covered calls. I would suggest taking a look at John Carters simpleroptions you can get free daily emails to get an idea of his style which has paid training courses and subcription services…also Jeffrey zeiglers credit spread trading course is good for selling weekly options credit spreads.

    I would never sign up for a service that blindly picks stocks for you so make sure you are taught a system or method that you can use on your own. Hi, thanks for above reviews, you saved me a packet re Preston James. What do you think of Marc Nicolas- Thanks Barry. I like someone like John Carter simpleroptions. Hello jefeeling, Thanks for the input. Many of the options courses all teach the same concepts and many of which just throw dozens of options trading strategies at you and expect that you are going to be able to apply all those methods.

    Also there must me a courses teaching credit spread trading but courses but very few provide you with a systemized way of selecting trades and providing an easy to follow trading plan. The training I like the best and feel have the highest rate of success are the ones that keep it simple and allow you to follow a defined system or plan without jumping around to lots of strategies as that causes analysis paralysis.

    Choose the course that works for you

    Hi Brain do you have any info on A. Brown trading trainer would really appreciate your insight. Based on the review I went through some of sites like options animal and trading pro systems. Between the two which one would has a step by step approach on learning options from novice to advanced concepts.

    Thanks Suresh. Trading Pro Systems teaches a lot of information but you are on your own to apply it. It is important to understand that some options strategies really only work well in certain markets like high volatility strategies and low volatility strategies. Also, I think John Carter has good way of simplifying trading and options I think he has an upcoming Options course for small accounts. This is very informative and helpful — thank you!

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    Options Course Review

    Hello Doug. With lots of volatility, potential eye-popping returns and an unpredictable future, day trading in cryptocurrency could be an exciting avenue to pursue. Recent reports show a surge in the number of day trading beginners. Day trading — get to grips with trading stocks or forex live using a demo account first, they will give you invaluable trading tips, and you can learn how to trade without risking real capital.

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