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  2. Windows Media .NET / Discussion / Open Discussion: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00D0BB8
  3. Marshal.gethrforexception (e) & ((1 16) - 1)
  4. The Marshal Class

Marshal is a key type that is used with all facets of. NET interoperability.

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This sealed class defines a healthy dose of static Shared in terms of VB. NET members that provides a bridge between managed and unmanaged constructs. When you are working with PInvoke proper meaning you are not interested in communicating with COM-based DLLs , you really only need to access a very small subset of its overall functionality. NET interop issues.

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Nevertheless, in this section, I outline the full functionality of Marshal, by grouping members by related functionality. You will see additional aspects of Marshal during the remainder of this text, so don't panic due to the sheer volume of members. Closely related to the members in Table are the following set of COM type library -specific members of the Marshal type Table Retrieves the GUID that is assigned to a type library when it was exported from the specified assembly. Of course, there are a number of members of the Marshal type that allow you to convert between the managed System.

Copies the contents of a string to a block of memory allocated from the unmanage d COM task allocator.

Windows Media .NET / Discussion / Open Discussion: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00D0BB8

Copies the contents of a managed System. Str ing object into native heap, converting into ANSI format as it copies. Finally, be aware that the Marshal type defines a number of members that allow you to read and write data to and from unmanaged memory Table NeT interop or PInvoke.

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Unfortunately the actual vc history on these files has been lost we had to start a new repo for size reasons.. Xamarin Inc. Xamarin Menu About What is Xamarin? What is Xamarin. November in Xamarin.

Marshal.gethrforexception (e) & ((1 16) - 1)

ConsoleColor I have found one reference to this on the internet but it didn't have a solution. May Exception While deploying to an iPhone, however, it compiles and runs in the iOS simulator. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you. I got it to compile and deploy to device, by setting Linker Behavior: Don't Link.

The Marshal Class

July Has this been fixed yet? Setting the linker to "Don't Link" really isnt a solution. August Anyone at all?

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