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Your watchlists and dynamic watchlist are identical. The main difference is that the web version is primarily transaction-oriented and has a simpler layout than the downloadable package. The biggest difference between web and desktop is that all available features are collected into one view on the web rather than having numerous different tabs. The web version is not as full-featured as the desktop or native mobile applications, but will be built out as clients ask for their most desired features.

TD Ameritrade has native mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as a mobile web experience that resizes the screen according to the device you're using. If you set up a watchlist on one platform, it will be accessible elsewhere. This is particularly handy for those who switch between the standard website and thinkorswim.

All available asset classes can be traded on mobile devices. Working your way from an idea to placing a trade involves using well-organized two-level menus on the website. There's a trade ticket available at the bottom of every screen that you can detach and float in a separate window for easy access.

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Charts can also be detached and floated to set up a trading environment, but this is a more involved process compared to what is available through thinkorswim. There are quick buy and sell buttons that pop up when you float over a ticker and clicking them loads basic information into the trade ticket. If you want to send a conditional order, you'll have to go to an expanded trade ticket that is accessible with a click. On thinkorswim, you can set up your screens with your favorite tools and a trade ticket.

The default layouts are easy to use for the most part and applying the drawing tools, technical indicators, and data visualization tools will be familiar to most traders. Thinkorswim allows traders to create their own analysis tools as well use a built-in programming language called thinkScript. On the web, you can customize the order type market, limit, etc. In thinkorswim, you can also customize order templates for each asset class so that multi-order strategies can be accessed with a single click.

You can stage orders for later entry on all platforms.

Buying Options: Calls and Puts | TD Ameritrade

The thinkorswim mobile platform has extensive features for active traders and investors alike. The workflow for options, stocks, and futures is intuitive and powerful. You'll find lots of bells and whistles that make the mobile app a complete solution for most trading purposes, including streaming real-time data and the ability to trade from charts.

The regular mobile platform is almost identical in features to the website, so it's an easy transition. TD Ameritrade clients can trade a wide range of assets on both web platforms and thinkorswim as well as on mobile apps. Opening a position with fractional shares is not yet available. Beyond that, investors can trade:. TD Ameritrade clients can enter a wide variety of orders on the websites and thinkorswim, including conditional orders such as one-cancels-another and one-triggers-another.

There are no restrictions on order types on mobile platforms. Clients can stage orders for later entry on all platforms. If you've been buying into a particular stock over time, you can select the tax lot when closing part of the position or set an account-wide default for the tax lot choice such as average cost, last-in-first-out, etc. You can also set an account-wide default for dividend reinvestment.

Lay of the Land: How to Trade Options

The way a broker routes your order determines whether you are likely to receive the best possible price at the time your trade is placed. This is called price improvement, which is, in essence, a sale above the bid price or a buy below the offer. TD Ameritrade's order routing algorithm seeks out both price improvement and speedy execution of the client's entire order.

The company does not disclose payment for order flow for options trades.

Buying Options

Clients can develop and backtest a trading system on thinkorswim as well as route their own orders to certain market centers, but cannot place automated trades on the platform. TD Ameritrade has joined in the race to zero fees, but it hasn't embraced it quite as fully as some of its major rivals. For the most part, however, the broker is in line with the industry.

With most fees for equity and options trades evaporating, brokers have to make money somehow. The fees and commissions listed above are visible to customers, but there are other hidden revenue streams—some of which actually can benefit you.

The 85 predefined web-based screeners are fully customizable. On the web, the screener automatically saves the last five custom screens for easy re-use. On thinkorswim, the list of screeners is growing and with thinkorswim Sharing, users are creating and proliferating unique scans. Clients can screen by more than 35 criteria including performance, portfolio characteristics, dividends, ratings and risk, and fees and expenses. The Morningstar category criteria on tdameritrade. Categories range from bear market to Japan stock to target date funds.

A Smarter Long Call Options Strategy - How to Buy Calls on thinkorswim®

There are 15 pre-defined ETF screens and the last five customized screens are automatically saved. Clients can choose to name and save any of their custom screens for future use. Screener results can be saved as a watchlist. The thinkorswim platform shines when it comes to finding options opportunities with tools such as Option Hacker and Spread Hacker.

How to thinkorswim

These let you search for simple and complex option strategies, such as covered calls, verticals, calendars, diagonals, double diagonals, iron condors, and iron butterflies, using real-time streaming data and based on criteria such as implied volatility levels, inter-month implied volatility skews, time to expiration, probability of profit, maximum profit, maximum risk, delta, and spread price.

Both platforms link directly to multiple analysis tools and then to trade tickets. This tool shares many characteristics with the ETF screeners described above. This screener also ties into other TD Ameritrade tools. Clients can save mutual fund screen results as watchlists. However, at the same time, their services include plenty of experienced traders due to the versatility of the platform and the great offerings of their available research.

A great option for all investors, from beginners to advanced trading pros, there are a wide array of options and benefits to using TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade offers a highly comprehensive selection of investment products. With more than commission-free ETFs expertly chosen by independent research firm, Morningstar, which includes equity funds, commodity funds, international funds, and bond funds, all with economical expense ratios, the options are plentiful to create a diverse portfolio trading at a reasonable cost.

One of the best aspects of commission-free trades for ETFs is that dollar-cost averages can be done at no additional charge. Research, data, and education are such a major focal point for many investors, and often one of the biggest selling points in choosing a trading platform to work with. Plenty of competitive online brokerages attach a hefty fee for such services, so this is a highly attractive feature. In addition, investors with TD Ameritrade have the option to connect with company trading specialists via phone or in person, if needed. TD Ameritrade offers two distinct platforms for trading: Trade Architect or thinkorswim.

Recently acquired and updated, thinkorswim enables investors to test their trade strategies while analyzing the potential gains and risk involved. Trade Architect is entirely web-based and it offers screening tools, streaming news, and additional advanced features for trading.

Don't believe us on how easy it is to get started? Get started on a commission-free, no minimum IRA today. However, they could improve their mobile app experience to compete with some of the online-only services. TD Ameritrade isn't the only full-service brokerage firm out there. However, we consistently rate them as one of the best on our list of the best brokers to invest. Bottom line: their services are perfect for everyone; from investors who are just starting out to seasoned traders looking for reliability and options from a trading platform.

TD Ameritrade provides everything one might expect of a full-service brokerage, from stock trading to retirement guidance. All account types are supported. Also offered are both futures and forex trading. If there is one drawback, it is with international trading ; TD Ameritrade customers can only trade US and Canadian-listed securities.

Hands down, there is no better broker in which to learn the basics of the stock market than TD Ameritrade.

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