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  1. Sierra Chart Review – Charting, Analysis, And Live Trading All In One
  2. Automated Trading From an Advanced Custom Study
  3. Main Features of Sierra Chart
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They develop top-quality and well engineered software. Create and customize advanced and real-time Intraday and Historical charts for futures, stocks, commodities, indexes, mutual funds, currencies or any market. Continuously updated charts as trades occur.

Sierra Chart Review – Charting, Analysis, And Live Trading All In One

Real-time tick by tick charting. Every trade received from the connected data feed is efficiently processed, stored and displayed, with none of them ignored. Charts scroll automatically as new bars are added. Complete technical analysis capabilities through the detailed and interactive charts, chart Drawing Tools, and Studies. Historical data for the charts is automatically downloaded from various supported services. The downloaded data is saved locally on your hard disk in a text format.

You have the ability to easily edit the data, if necessary. Historical charts are updated in real time, so you always have a chart which is up to date with the latest trade. Create Intraday charts with any bar period. The period can be less than 1 day or greater than or equal to 1 day. All historical Intraday data available from the Data or Trading service server and all real-time data received from the server is stored on your computer for analysis at any time including when offline.

Whatever data is missing from the charts and is available on the server is downloaded when you connect to the Data or Trading service server. High-performance Continuous Futures Contract feature with back adjustments.

Automated Trading From an Advanced Custom Study

This feature allows you to instantly create continuous futures contracts without any additional data downloading, if the necessary futures data has already been previously downloaded, and optionally back adjust the data according to the rollover gaps between the contracts. This feature works with both Intra-day and Historical charts. This feature works with all of the supported Data and Trading services including the Sierra Chart data services. Chartbook tabs. Chart window tabs.

Spreadsheet window tabs. These tabs allow for direct selection of Chartbooks, charts and Spreadsheets. Replay one or more Intra-day charts at any speed and from any point in time in the available chart data. The replay speed can be anywhere from. You can perform simulated trading or back testing during the replay if you require.

There is no need to have recorded the data previously. The replay feature can be used easily at any time. When replaying multiple charts, they stay synchronized with each other. This is a powerful and interactive feature which provides a method of performing market analysis based upon the amount of time that price trades at particular price levels. With TPO charts, you are able to analyze the amount of trading activity, based on time, for each price level the market traded at for any given time period.

Sierra Chart - How to use a Spreadsheet - Optimus Futures

Left side scale display on the charts. Use the Global Cursor feature to see the crosshair on all charts at the corresponding location. You can choose to synchronize charts, which automatically scrolls charts to the corresponding location. You can synchronize all charts or linked charts. Chart Linking. Establish links between specified charts. Expansive color coding and volume profile display capabilities are supported. Load and work with an unlimited number of chart windows and Chartbooks.

The Chartbooks can be saved to disk and loaded with all of your previous settings. Chartbooks are saved workspaces that contain all of your charts and related windows and the settings.

Main Features of Sierra Chart

You can capture your charts or desktop and upload the images to be shared with others or for your own reference. Many more Features. This Features page only provides a general overview of the functionality available. Advanced Trading from the charts. Advanced and highly configurable Trading DOM providing complete trading functionality. All other Order Types can be entered through the attached Trade Window or through the right-click Trade menu. The Trading DOM is fully configurable.

Spreadsheet Example Formulas and Usage - Sierra Chart

You can set the colors and what columns to display and their order. The Chart DOM is fully configurable.

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  6. Spreadsheet Systems, Alerts and Automated Trading.

You can set the colors and what columns to display and the column order. Targets and Stops can be automatically entered when submitting the parent order or after. Spreadsheets provide a rapid and simple means of creating an automated trading system. Advanced and complete Trade Simulation. Trade simulation can be used during chart replays or with live market data.

This window provides the ability to generate Trade Statistics with various performance related fields, a Trades list, and other performance reports for any period of time and based on other filters. Support for multiple trade accounts if the connected Trading service supports multiple trading accounts on the logged in username. All of the available trade accounts are automatically discovered on the logged in trading account username and can be easily selected from a drop-down list through the Trade Window on a chart or Trade DOM.

When you are trading the foreign exchange markets on Sierra Chart you have a trading environment which is more powerful than typically what is offered in Forex trading platforms.

There is a full view of the depth of market. There is a single Position for every Forex pair. There is no need to be concerned with all of the smaller trades which make up the larger Position. When you want to flatten the Position or reverse, it is a simple one step procedure. Chart based trading is easy, straightforward, and flexible and provides all of the capabilities needed for advanced trading. This allows us or users to add studies very rapidly.

There is also a large library of custom studies developed by other users that you can use. Each study has inputs to modify the variables of the study. Various Draw Styles are available and can be customized for each subgraph of a study. Draw Styles include transparent styles as well. Specify simple or advanced Alert Conditions on studies and the main price chart for continuous monitoring and scanning across a list of symbols.

Alerts can play a sound, are logged, are displayed on the chart, and an email message can optionally be sent. Alert conditions can reference multiple studies on the chart and are specified using very flexible and powerful Excel type formulas. You have access to all of the available Excel operators and functions. Color or paint bars based on any condition formula using the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition study. The condition formula can reference multiple studies on the chart. This condition formula is specified using the same Simple Alert formula you use for Alerts.

There is also the Color Background Based on Alert Condition study that will color the background of the bars where your condition formula is true.

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Take advantage of custom indicators and trading systems developed by other users or third-party developers. Receive e-mail notifications for any condition in Sierra Chart that plays an alert sound. This includes: Spreadsheet alerts, study alerts, trading conditions that play alerts, Chart Drawing alerts and Advanced Custom Studies that play alert sounds.

Volume by Price study for detailed volume analysis at each price level across any timeframe. Numerous and customizable time frames are supported. Base a study on another study with the Based On setting for studies. This provides a simple method to create studies based on other studies. For example, you can apply Bollinger Bands to a Stochastic. Built-in Excel and OpenOffice Calc compatible Spreadsheets for containing continuously updating quotes, for creating custom studies and systems, or for general Spreadsheet use.

All Excel functions are supported. Enter simple or advanced formulas, format cells with amazing flexibility, and more. Overlay Studies or primary price graphs from different timeframes or symbols onto a single chart. There is no limit to the number of overlays. For example, you can overlay 10 minute price bars on a 1 minute chart.

Or you can overlay a Moving Average-Simple study from a 10 minute chart onto a 1 minute chart or do the reverse and overlay the moving average from a 1 minute chart onto a 10 minute chart. There is no limit to the possibilities. More information. All Drawing Tools can be fully customized.