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In this strategy, the trader needs to make a minimum of 10 trades within a single day in order to capitalize on any minor price changes. A strict exit strategy must be implemented in order to minimize any potential losses. In this particular strategy, the holding time is 5 minutes. This method requires precise execution and nimble trading. You should then open an ADX indicator in a different window set at At least 3 criteria must be satisfied for this trade. The first criterion is that the 50 SMA angle must be more than 20 degrees. The measurement does not need to be absolutely accurate, a subjective estimate is sufficient.

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The third and final criterion for this trade is that the price must stay on the proper side of the small resistance or support line. You should draw a trend line from the last high or low prior to the cross of the 50SMA to the next high or low. This will form a small resistance or support line. The price and candles must all stay on the correct side of the small trend line.

Otherwise, the possible trades will be canceled. In a declining stage, the path of least resistance is towards the downside, so you want to be a seller not a buyer. Do you use volume indicator in any of your trading systems. If yes, kindly share and explain how to use it.

Kindly look at number 4 — declining stage; I believe you meant the MA should be pointing lower and price below it. Your style of teaching is with a difference — down to earth. I will want you to mentor me in becoming a successful trader.

boutique trading strategies: 4 Simple CCI Scalping Trading Strategies (5 minute chart)

You are very genuine, and the best by far! Keep it up and you will surely have many million followers pretty soon. Very many thanks sir i am just the learner investing takes time for me as begginer.. Awesome you as mentor thanks. What you mentioned is for a Daily Trade pattern for Long term.

5 Minute Chart Setup

Except your wrong about it translating to an 8hr on 2 respects. Hi Rayner. I have really been struggling, until I am across your site. I religiously studied all your material. Then started Demoing again, what a difference. Living in South Africa the end of day New York charts is midnight for us. I get up every morning at 05 00 and do my trading. Any other suggestions. I have been following yoy for quite some time now.

Your teachings are quite spectacular. Thanks Rayner you taught me a lot. Really enjoy learning about trading from you. Looking forward to seeing more from you, Mr. This has been my challenge. How do I set take profit targets as an intraday trader? Even in smaller time units, i allways pay attention to the day Ema to identify the main trend. So i can see in smaler units of time well pullbacks and enter the short term. Thanks for the information you are sharing on your blog and your YouTube channel.

I am really learning a lot from them. You are the real deal! Keep it up! My man you really know your stuff, as a newbie this has been an eye opener for me…as someone who just started out, having you on my corner its gonna be fast learning trip. This is very simple and easy to follow… I love the way you teach.

Best Forex 5 Minute Scalping Strategy: How To Take Simple And Accurate Trades

Stay blessed Rayner… I am your fan…. If no, which moving average is best for scalpers? Thank you Rayner for existing. Cant praise you enough for all the knowledge and tips you are sharing with us! I am so grateful for your advise and teachings. I have been off and on trading but I decided to full stick to it and I feel lucky to come across this website. Thank you so much. I can never stop re-reading this stuff here 1year since I started following you and it doesnt get better….

Great guide. Your unconditional sharing helps us a lot and made our trading better than before. How to fix it? On my mt4,I go to settings,click on the f sign,scroll through and select MA. Now when price is above it,its a signal to look for long buying positions, but when price is below it,its a signal to look for a selling positions. I can choose to go long or short in either case. Wow Rayner fantastic ,I love more ur teaching intelligent, thank u Rayner, Rayner is our future Rain money in our account confirm. Thank you for this lesson.. Your lessons have been so much inspiring and helping…I cant wait to get on with your Pro package…Much love from Nigeria.

Thank you Rayner. Your No BS advice has helped me so much. Thank you again.

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Tom in Dublin. Rayner, you are truly a blessing to all traders that are beginning and Confused!!! God Bless! I use the on the 5 minute chart. I either trade a bounce off the or I use it as a profit taking target when the chart shows a reversal signal that will return to home base, usually after the 20 and 50 flatten and have been broken and the price is far departed from the For a day MA strategy, I would not trail my trade with the , as most of your earnings will be eaten by the time it crosses the to exit.

That applies to all time frames I might trade, although 5 minute is my current favorite. Stress free. I often toy with the idea of adopting longer term strategies. Especially when I read your articles talking about 4 hour chart etc. But on 5 minutes I always find trades between am New York time. I miss gorgeous entries that make 70 pips while sleeping and trade the scraps at the end of the EU trading day. Love your articles and information! A lot of it has made me a much better trader these past few months!

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Your website has been a blessing. Great insights, Mike. I am a newbie located in the UK. Maybe, I will benefit from the gorgeous entries you are talking about during the early hours in EU hours. Let me know if you can share some insights with me.

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My email is: callybatigol gmail. Thank you for presenting it so simple. Hello Rayner, your write-ups on Moving Average and others, have been helpful. I look forward to reading more and as well, to meet you.