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  1. Football Trading Strategies on Betting Exchange Sites: How to trade like a pro bookie?
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Posting videos of his own Betfair account and the profits that he had been making. Sharing advice and snippets of information on how to trade successfully. However in Psychoff disappeared from the sports trading community. Leaving a goodbye message on his blog. Disappearing into the real world, leaving us with a few snippets of what can be achieved if you really learn the betting markets.

For six years nothing was heard from Psychoff within the sports trading community. Until unexpectedly Psychoff announced his return. A national holiday was declared in Turkey, England and Ireland. Well maybe none of that actually happened.

But in my head it was quite a big deal. Anyway moving on………………………………. Not only did Psychoff return but he started giving out free trading advice. Starting on twitter initially and then moving on to Discord. Psychoff shared his goal alerts and gave an insight into his own Betfair trading strategies. Lets take a look at some of the football trading strategies that Psychoff has shared since his return.

Football Trading Strategies on Betting Exchange Sites: How to trade like a pro bookie?

During the World Cup. Psychoff gave out more insight into his football trading then ever before. One of his most used live betting strategies was backing there to be 2 or more goals in the second half. For example in the game between Russia and Egypt. Russia were leading and Egypt needed to score.

Psychoff advised to back Over 1.


Russia ended up winning the game and both bets were won. But it is very true. Often after the first goal a game will open up. A tight first half that finished can suddenly explode in the second half if a goal is scored early. As the losing team suddenly has to throw caution to wind and find an equalizer.

It seemed that some of the best value to found was in games where there was a low expectation of goals. When I first started this blog. I wrote about a football strategy I liked to use in the first half. From the trades that Psychoff shares it seems that he favours trades in the second half. Over the course of the tournament Psychoff suggested backing a few teams that were dominating there opposition in the second half. Teams that were maintaining possession, creating goal scoring opportunities and putting the opposition under great pressure.

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We saw this when England were dominating Tunisia in the second half whilst the score was England were backed at odds close to even and won While France were losing in the second half to Argentina, but looked the stronger side. France were backed at odds of 8. In the Semi Final Croatia were losing to England, however they started to take control of play and dominate the second half. Croatia were backed at odds of If Croatia went on to win the game a large profit would have been made. As the game finished no money was won or lost.

Under 2.5 Goals Scalping

Through watching live pictures of the game and analyzing the odds movement. Psychoff saw value in the odds at the time. Psychoff is a big advocate of trading with live pictures. On twitter when answering questions from followers. Preferring to find value through game flow and what he is seeing on the pitch.

Alongside his many years of experience in trading football matches. You can only expect a consistent return from your trades if you have done your homework and follow a proven plan and stick to your strategy. The actual chances of becoming a successful trader on Betfair are very slim. Remember, be patient and wait for the right races to come along before you decide to trade.

Or set up an automated strategy as I do to identify, based on past success, the races you should get involved with. It takes a lot of discipline. Believe me it will definitely be worth it, because it will become the foundation of your success. Most punters lose on a regular basis. In order to have consistency when trading you must follow a proven system.

Even following your system there will be the occasional loss. Losing races are an unavoidable part of trading. Even a really profitable system will have the odd losing race. But it is the weeks and months ahead that matter. However, systems offer us the best way of making consistent profits and any sequence of losing trades will ultimately be followed by a sequence of winning ones. Once you understand this fact consistent profit will never be far away. Very often they stop using a system after a few losses. Ultimately they revert back to their old stupid behaviour of no plan trading.

On the other hand Betfair traders that follow a proven system are informed and prepared and have past experience of betting patterns. They know that any losing trade will not affect the long term goal of making money. Talk to any trader. All have losing days. Most have losing weeks. But take a longer view over a month or more they are profitable year in, year out.

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And always stick to your strategy. Most punters are greedy. Many traders are too. This greed clouds their view of what to realistically expect in return for their trading.

Football Trading: How to Win in Betfair Football Markets

Many traders, most perhaps, spend virtually no time on the selection process and lack the knowledge needed to back up their trading decisions. They just trade the favourite by the seat of their pants with no chance of being successful with any consistency. Their obsession with money means that open losses escalate, there are no scratch trades and their trading turns in to gambling.