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The health-promoting university philosophy was used as a model for the strategy. Health-promoting universities concern themselves with four key goals:.

The Strategic Plan for Morgan State University

Goal: Foster a healthy working, learning and living environments for students, faculty and staff. Vision: Thriving People in a Caring Community. Priorities: Of the seventeen objectives in the HUSP, mental health emerged from the community consultations as the overarching priority.

Human Resource Services, the Office of the Dean of Students and the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation are collaborating on a number of initiatives related to this priority. Apr - May : Data Analysis - What we heard. Healthy Campus Initiative Backgrounder. Steering Committee Members.

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Working Group Members. We will inspire learners with challenging ideas, knowledge and wisdom, and help them develop the capabilities needed for a stellar career. Our teachers will be supported to deliver the highest levels of student satisfaction, embracing digital opportunities and placing personalisation at the heart of what we do. From our access programmes and scholarships to our research tackling the world's biggest questions, we make a difference on a local, national and global scale. We will now establish our University as the sector's leader for social impact by engaging our communities in our work, enabling all our people to help bring about a better world and embedding responsible processes and environmental sustainability in all our key activities.

From artificial intelligence to the isolation of graphene, many of the most transformative ideas of our age were formed in Manchester. We will build on our research strengths, the creative enterprise of our staff, students and alumni, and the unique opportunities in our region to establish ourselves as an international powerhouse of innovation.

Our future

From our beginnings as England's first civic university in its 'original modern' city, we have sought to break down boundaries and improve lives. Through research that involves our population and informs local policies, engagement through staff and student activities, the social impact of our cultural institutions, and alignment to the Greater Manchester strategy and ambition, we will further strengthen the bonds between our University and our region.

We aim to be in the top 25 universities globally, attracting high-quality staff and students from across the world, and undertaking research of global standing and impact. We will position our University to continue to thrive in an increasingly international sector. To gauge our progress towards our vision, we have identified the following measures of success. We aim to achieve these by , unless otherwise stated, and will monitor these annually through specific measures.

We will measure our success against a portfolio of measures and quality marks of social, cultural, economic and environmental impact. The quality of our research will place us among the top 5 UK universities in the Research Excellence Framework We will be recognised as among the best universities in the world, in the top 25 in leading international rankings. Meet the broadcaster seeking to make history inclusive, expansive and diverse.

The University of Manchester's motto and coat of arms

Engineers and social scientists are combining their expertise to power development. Manchester's cultural institutions are bold, community-focused and future-facing. Vision and strategic plan PDF 1. We are developing detailed five-year plans for each of our three core goals and four themes. You will be able to download these here when they are published.

If you work at the University, you can find further resources on StaffNet. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Home Discover Our future. Our future Knowledge Wisdom Humanity This new vision and strategic plan for The University of Manchester will take us into our third century. Read full introduction. Expand and discover. Learn more about our motto and coat of arms. The University of Manchester's motto and coat of arms Our coat of arms features our motto and was granted in , when the Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST were both dissolved and a new institution, The University of Manchester, was created in their place.

Our motto The Latin inscription which appears at the base of the crest, Cognitio Sapientia Humanitas , means 'knowledge, wisdom and humanity'. Elements of the coat of arms The coat of arms includes a demi-lion wearing a mural crown and emerging from a circlet set of roses and holds a torch. A sun, appearing on blue, symbolises growing enlightenment. The bees on the new shield mark the University's connection with the city of Manchester. The University's colours of Manchester purple and Manchester yellow are used throughout.

Strategic plan The strategic plan sets our University priorities for the first five years of our journey towards the vision. Explore our core goals and themes Our people, our values Research and discovery Teaching and learning Social responsibility Innovation Civic engagement Global influence. Our people, our values From life-saving research to life-changing teaching, from gold medals to green spaces, everything we do at our University has people, our students, colleagues and alumni, at its heart. Together we will achieve great things, working collectively towards our shared goals.

Priorities at a glance Great people doing great things Wellbeing Equality, diversity and inclusion An environment and facilities to support our people Our values View our ambitions and strategic priorities for our people, our values Our ambitions We will: be a university to which our students, staff and alumni are proud to belong, and where our values unify us in what we do and how we do it; be a place where people can achieve great things, with the finest possible conditions for our staff and students to do what they do best and work together as one connected community; embed sustainable, responsible approaches in all our practices, enabling every one of our people to play a part in a healthier future for our University and planet; be committed to equality and diversity, and to equal opportunities for all; set high expectations of ourselves and hold each other to account for delivery.

Over the next five years our priorities will be: Great people doing great things. We will recruit, retain and support the very best staff and students, and streamline our operations to create time and funds to allow focus on our core goals and themes. We will instil professionalism and a spirit of curiosity and creativity.

We will be a recognised leader for staff and student pride, and will be a destination of choice for staff and students globally. We will amplify our efforts to give our students and colleagues the right processes, support and pathways towards wellbeing. Equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Our students and staff will be representative of the diversity of talent in our communities. Equality, diversity and inclusion strengthen our University and will be at the heart of our core activities. We will create an inclusive and supportive environment led by effective leaders so that everyone can participate fully and reach their full potential. An environment and facilities to support our people.

We will create an outstanding and sustainable setting which serves to support our people in achieving our core goals. We will increase the availability, responsiveness and personalisation of our services, the blend of our on- and off-campus provision, and the sustainability of our practices, while also building in the flexibility to adapt.

Values - 2019 University Strategic Plan

This will include the largest single-site home for engineering in the UK and further ambitions for new connected learning spaces, reductions in our carbon footprint to support a zero-carbon future for Manchester by , a refurbished main library and enhanced digital infrastructure. Our values. We will embed our values across the University as we work together to deliver our strategic plan.

Research and discovery Our University is a powerhouse of research, with a history of world-changing achievements, and is ranked among the leading research universities globally. Priorities at a glance Accelerating interdisciplinary research Developing research leadership and creativity Digital and creative research An open and responsible research environment Inspiring student learning with our research-intensive environment View our ambitions and strategic priorities for research and discovery Our ambitions We will: be a world-leading source of new knowledge, excelling in discovery and application; build on our record of path-breaking interdisciplinary research; bring the world's best people together, combining expertise from across disciplines to understand and find new solutions to society's biggest questions; provide a creative, ambitious and supportive environment in which researchers at every career stage can develop into and thrive as leaders in their chosen field.

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Over the next five years our priorities will be: Accelerating interdisciplinary research. We will build on our interdisciplinary strengths to address major challenges, investing in areas of strength and scale, including our research beacons and sector-leading interdisciplinary institute model.

Strategic Plan 2021-2021

We will mobilise our leaders, raise our ambition and amplify our profile, positioning us to produce the next big ideas. In-Classroom Technology Determine what, if any, technology standards and solutions should be consistent across the University and implement those standards and solutions so that teaching staff has greater consistency and better ease of use.

Operational Technology In partnership with facilities community, clarify policies and support model for operational technology across the University to mitigate risk. University IT Priorities Information Security Continue to invest in information security efforts related to awareness, risk assessment, and operations. Enterprise Architecture Define and encourage adoption of a University-wide enterprise architecture consisting of technical principles, standards, and supporting resources.