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When optimizing for conversions, we recommend choosing one that happens about 50 times per week at a minimum. Our system needs that many to learn from. Our system needs to learn so it can deliver your ad to the right people at the right time to get you the best results. Important: In order for a conversion to count towards your 50, it has to happen within your chosen attribution setting. For example, if you have a 1-day click attribution setting for purchase conversions and someone clicks your ad and completes a purchase 3 days later, that doesn't count towards the If your ad set is predicted to get zero conversions, you may not have chosen to optimize for one that happens frequently enough.

Put-Call Parity; Conversion Arbitrage; Reverse Conversion Arbitrage

To figure out the right one, check your pixel data. See how many times each event happens per week. If you're not seeing enough of any single pixel event, you may want to first focus on building up website traffic and a customer base. Here are some ad set creation options we recommend trying if we predict your ad set will get zero conversions:. If you're trying all of these but you're still predicted to get zero conversions, the problem may be elsewhere. If you've tried changing the conversion you're optimizing for and are still predicted to get zero conversions, it's likely that a combination of factors are causing the issue.

Because of this, you may have to experiment with different combinations of adjustments. We'll explain each area you should look into, and what you can try. If your targeting is not relevant enough or too narrow, it could be part of the reason your ad set is predicted to get zero conversions. An uncompetitive bid strategy can prevent you from winning auctions , which prevents your ad from being shown, which means you can't get any conversions.

Setting a bid cap or cost cap is still a good strategy if you have a cost per conversion requirement or a good sense of what a conversion is worth to you.

Here are some tips on how to set an amount that will enable to you get conversions:. Because we consider user value in addition to advertiser value when deciding which ads to show, having creative that resonates with your target audience is an important aspect of ad performance. We offer two products to help optimize your creative:.

Options arbitrage

Budget is not likely to be a major factor in your ad set being predicted to get zero conversions, except in one case: If you're using a cost cap or bid cap and your budget isn't at least 5 times as high as your cap, you're unlikely to get conversions. For more information, visit our guide on troubleshooting poor ad performance.

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Defining Derivatives

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Options Arbitrage Strategy - Put-call Parity - Python Trading

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Dynamic Ads. Collaborative Ads. Custom Audiences. Lookalike Audiences. Instant Experience. Branded Content. Placement Optimization. Audience Network. Historically a put option contract is usually less expensive not higher priced in relation to a call option of the same strike price and expiration. A reverse conversion is one of closest things an option trader will find to a sure profit when they open the trade.

However, the efficiency of pricing in the option market makes overpriced put options a very rare find. Even when they are found the option must provide enough liquidity for the option trade to be executed with minimal slippage and the stock must have shares available to short. I have created the Options eCourse for a shortcut to learning how to trade options. Posted By: Steve Burns on: May 28, Enter your email address and we'll send you a free PDF of this post. Share this:. Disadvantage of Box Spread Arbitrage. It's a professional strategy and not for retail investors. The opportunities are closely monitored by High-Frequency algorithms.

These arbitrage opportunities are usually for the high-frequency algorithms and need large pools of money to make it worth it and usually with better brokerage commission schemes. This strategy has high margin maintenance requirements and in many cases, the trader won't have the margin available to do that. For retail investors, the brokerage commissions don't make this a viable strategy.

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Only low-fee traders can take advantage of this. In theory, this strategy sounds good but in reality, it may not as profits are small. Locking the box - Trader has to wait until to expiry by keeping the money stuck in the box. Comments Post New Message. Post New Message. More Strategy List of all Strategy. IPO Information.

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